Rangda’s Viability in SMT Liberation Dx2

My…what long fingernails you have, grandmother…  For a Balinese Demon Queen, she really does have fetching…eyes.  No matter, you came here to find out if your Femme Rangda is any good in your favorite SMT experience.

Grade 67 Femme Rangda

Vitality: below average

Strength: below average

Agi/luck: average

Magic: above average

Innate Skills
AilmentMahajuon7 MP50% CurseAll Foes
DeathMudodyne6 MP160 DmgOne Foe
ForceMazandyne7 MP120 DmgAll Foes

Mahajuon isn’t particularly useful, in patch 1.50 or perhaps I never built my Rangda to be an ailment inflicting….perky boobed creature.  Come global patch 1.60, Jaki race demons all come with increased ability toward cursed targets.  This will certainly make Rangda’s stock go up.

  Mudodyne is a hard hitting spell, and not one that is nulled very often.  For the times that it is nulled, there’s Mazandyne.  It’s always fortuitous to have a caster with more than one element.  I’m looking at you, Alice.

Archetype Skills
PhysVorpal Blade7 MP140 DmgAll FoesClear
DeathPurgatory5 MP50 Dmg 2-4 hitsMulti FoesRed
RecoveryRecarmdra8 MPRevive with all HP, User diesAll AlliesYellow
PassiveEndureAutoRevive once per battle with 1 HPSelfPurple
PassiveNull ForceAutoNullify Force damageSelfTeal 

Skill Talk

Clear’s Vorpal Blade is similar to a Hades Blast, so you’ll want to be stacking %phys brands onto her.  Vorpal Blade is useful in PvE as long as you work a bit toward accuracy.  It is, however, not useful in PvP, as teams usually carry a physically immune demon.

Red’s Purgatory is another one of your random-based attacks that is the same element as Mudodyne.  There’s very little argument for using Purgatory over Mudodyne except for if you’re not sporting 6MP and need a quick damage fix….on random enemies.  Paired with the proper Dx2, you can get more bang for your random buck, but is it worth it?  No.

Yellow’s Recarmdra is a very useful in increasing the longevity in your teams.  Paired with endure as a transferred skill, Rangda can bring back the rest of your teammates and not die.  Further paired with Seiran Saikawa’s resurrection healing auto, Rangda can turn the tide in your battle.

Purple’s Endure is a great skill to have, except for the fact that it can be transferred in for a measly 6 skill points from Horkos.  There is no reason to make a purple Rangda.

Finally, Teal’s Null Force is a decent choice if you’re worried about force-based attackers or don’t want to think about your own Mazandyne being repelled back at you.  The prime force user, Cu Chulainn can hit for 700-900 with his Mazandyne, so it’s helpful to have a counter for him.  That is, unless they are using the purple version with Force Pierce.  Teal Rangda is Susano-o proof.  Susano-o’s Kusanagi will be nulled as well as his physical attacks repelled.  I would know, my Susano-o hates teal Rangdas.

Gacha Worthiness

Gacha Skills
ForceWind Breath4 MP40 Dmg 2-4 hitsMulti FoesRed Gacha
IceMabufula6 MP100 DmgAll FoesYellow Gacha
SupportDekaja5 MPRemove all -kaja effectsAll FoesPurple Gacha
AlmightySpirit Drain6 MP100 Dmg Drain 1 MPOne FoeTeal Gacha

Red’s Wind Breath is in the same boat as Purgatory above. Just isn’t that helpful.

Yellow’s Mabufula is a nice addition to a pure caster but tends to be overwritten by the Endure + Resist Elec combo.  Some may elect to keep Mabufula so as to have three elements to play with.  Your choice.

Purple’s Dekaja is a nice skill to have in PvP.  Couple with its innate Endure, this can make for leveling the playing field after all the auto-sukundas and tarundas have happened to start the battle.

Finally, Teal’s Spirit Drain isn’t a bad spell and can put the damper on a healer that you’re worried about resurrecting his team.  It is hard, however, to upgrade this spell as it only appears on this Rangda or a 3* Berserker (red).  If you’re looking for an almighty spell that is easier to level up, you should look at Megido via 3* Arahabaki. Easy to fuse too.

Skills to Transfer to Rangda

Since Rangda has electric weakness, it’s imperative to transfer him Resist Electric from 4* Divine Throne. High level PvP and level 46-50 Aura gate enemies use lightning often.  Throne is a lower level 4*, so it isn’t too horrible to fuse.  His other ability to purely up to where you plan to use your Rangda.

If you have a yellow archetype, I heartily recommend Endure.  It’s like a warning bell when you see that 1 HP and means you should get your ass building MP for Recarmdra.

Both Teal and Purple are similar in that neither Endure nor Null Force require a specific secondary skill to be added like the Yellow archetype.  I can definitely recommend bringing over a low MP option like Bufula/Agilao L or simply an upranked Megido to counteract Makaraka-shifting Apis/Prometheus/Beezlebub or support-style Makarakarn Fenrirs.

Other Decent Skill Transfers

  • Dark Boost (4* Anubis)
  • Madness (3★ Jatayu (Yellow Gacha), 3★ Gui Xian (Teal Gacha), 3★ Baihu (Red Gacha), 3★ Arahabaki (Yellow Gacha), 3★ Ose (Teal Gacha)) (for when 1.60 drops and you want to Mahajuon opposing teams)
  • Megido (3* Arahabaki)

Equipping Rangda With Proper Brands

Divine brand three-set with Ward two-set is a standard PvP offense or defense setup.  I, myself, have set up Rangda with spell brands with %mag increase with a two-set of wards for an offset.  Rangda’s magical prowess isn’t as far up there as a Cu Chulainn or a Prometheus, so I find that the extra 20% magical attack from spell brands seals the deal on Rangda becoming a real magical sweeper.

If you want to build your clear Rangda for physical attack, be prepared to stack war brands with your option of a two-set complementing brand.

Besides a physical or magical build, you have your option of building your Rangda around its Mahajuon.  Since in 1.60 you’ll have complementing Jaki races, you’ll want to increase your ailment infliction.  You can either use Sick brands for an extra % ailment infliction, or stack up %ailment infliction with life, spell, or I suppose physical brands.

Since Rangda’s vitality is lacking overall, life brands with %spell power can be a welcome addition to her arsenal.  50% extra health is nothing to sneeze at, folks.

As for a two-set bonus, Shield brands can outrank Ward brands in terms of overall usefulness in PvE.  The only aura gate demon worth fearing when using Shield brands is Lilim.  Be sure to bring other warded folks or lose that fight entirely.

Where Rangda Fails

Randga doesn’t fail at much, but do be careful of demons with Phys Pierce.  Purple Mara, Purple Cu, and Zaou-Gongen can all ruin Rangda’s Repel Phys in moments.  Her health isn’t usually all that high, so Mara can sometimes one-shot her.

Her auto-ai prioritizes Mazandyne and Mudodyne when crafted with %magical damage increases.  Be aware that she will not pass her turn to preserve or retain mana.  This will mean that in-between magical attacks she will melee.  Do try to give her a measure of %physical accuracy so she isn’t losing you too many press turns during auto combat.

For yellow Rangda, she will only prioritize Recarmdra after two of her teammates have fallen.  That is why Endure is so helpful in ensuring Rangda has time enough to cast it to save the day.  On the flip side, if you’re facing a Rangda team, you can feel confident in killing one of his teammates before taking out Rangda herself.  Someone like Cu Chulainn.  

Demons That Ruin Rangda’s Day

  • Demons with Phys Pierce
  • Siegfried rebounding attacks to gain himself health
  • Demons with Null Force (Cu Chulainn, Teal Sieg, Teal Rangda, etc)
  • Pazuzu.  Null Force and Dark.  Fffffff…..

Demons That Rangda Wrecks

  • Anyone weak to force or dark.  Don’t count on that in later-game PvP.
  • Purely physical foes like Ose, Abaddon, and Siegfried.  Their AI knows not what to do with the likes of Rangda.

Demons That Pair Well With Rangda

  • ALILAT!  Get an Alilat.  Repel Pierce ensures that no one will ever break through Rangda’s Repel Phys
  • Jaki race demons.  Curse increased damage is nice

Final Scoring

Physical attacker: C-

Magical attacker: B+

Tank: C

Gacha skills: B

Innate Skills: B+

PvP Attack Team Viability: A

PvP Defense Team Viability: A

Overall Score: A-

Ose’s Viability in Shin Megami Tensei Dx2

First of all: that bulge.  He’s a strong cat man, purrr.  Oses are everywhere, but are they any good?  Let’s investigate.

Grade 54 Fallen Ose

Vitality: above average

Strength: above average

Agi/luck: average

Magic: below average

Innate Skills
PhysHades Blast6 MP120 DmgAll Foes
ElecMazionga6 MP100 DmgAll Foes
SupportCharge6 MPNext physical attack +125% damageSelf

Hades Blast + charge + accuracy buff = massive damage.

Archetype Skills
PassiveRetaliateAuto100 Dmg 50% chance of counter upon receiving physical damageSelfClear
PhysMegaton Press6 MP90 Dmg 30% CriticalAll FoesRed
SupportTetrakarn7 MPRepel all physical attacks for one turnAll AlliesYellow
PassiveStrength Amp IIAutoStrength +10SelfPurple
PassiveNull PhysAutoNullify Phys damageSelfTeal

Skill Talk

Clear’s retaliate is moderately useful for low level encounters. 

Red’s Megaton Press is a 7mp skill for 6mp that does a very similar action to his innate Hades Blast with added crit chance.  Red (aragami) archetypes tend to come with duplicate skills that are not favorable for most players.

Yellow’s Tetrakarn is a nice skill to have but seeing as he is an attack-type and not a support-type, his auto-ai will never use tetrakarn.  If you’re in manual-mode, tetrakarn can be helpful, but you would be better off finding a tetra-shift character like Azrael.

Purple’s strength increase is a flat increase and therefore only moderately useful.  With war brands with %phys increase, you’ll probably never notice ten strength missing.

Finally, Teal’s null phys is the main attraction that has made Ose so popular.  When one is immune to physical damage, one does not have to wear any sort of physical resistance.  Not only is is nice to nullify any physical attackers, it’s nice to be able to stack magical resistance to become a true tank character.  His above average health with some %phys increase life brands make for an annoying character to take down.  There are more than a few demons who are able to shut down an Ose, but I’ll get to that later.  Next up is the viability of his gacha skills.  These are what you get as a “premium skill” when you pull Ose from the gem summon.

Gacha Worthiness

Gacha Skills
FireAgi4 MP120 DmgOne FoeRed Gacha
RecoveryCharmdi3 MPRemove Charm, Charm resistance +30% for 3 turnsOne AllyYellow Gacha
RecoveryMedia6 MP25 RecAll AlliesPurple Gacha
PassiveMadnessAutoAilment success rate +10%SelfTeal Gacha

Red’s Agi isn’t too useful, seeing as he comes equipped with mazionga which suffices as an anti-ose/siegfried/abaddon ability.

Yellow’s Charmdi isn’t very useful as Mecharmdi can be transferred in and will remove all charm statuses from your entire team.  As I said earlier, he’s a attack-type demon, so it’s exceedingly unlikely that his auto-ai will use Charmdi.

Purple’s Media is another silly choice for Ose.  He should never be built as a healer or any +healing brands be given to him.

Finally, Teal’s Madness is simply a waste of space. Ose doesn’t inflict status ailments unless you give him that skill which is fine, but don’t expect the auto-ai to understand your decision!

Skills to Transfer to Ose

Our Ose does his best when he’s able to do massive physical damage.  The problem we often run into is that in PvP, about 90% of teams also have a physically immune individual.  It’s just a good idea, really, to limit the options of your opponent.  That’s why Teal Ose is so popular.  

My first pulled Ose was actually a red archetype.  I didn’t know Teal existed, so I loaded him up with an another magic attack along with the Agi I received in the first place.  New players will be new.  

Oni-Kagura from Setanta is my favorite skill to transfer in.  It provides Ose with a means of attacking a single target for one less MP than Hades Blast.  It also adds a 30% increased crit rate for that particular attack.  If you level it up to 6/6 from transferring from Setanta, you’ll get a 16% increased hit rate too.

Phys Boost from Fury Wu-kong.  It’s expensive, I know, but 15% increased physical damage is nothing to sneeze at.  Add 15% increased damage to 30% increased crit to 16% increased hit rate, you’ll be doing quite well. 

Other Decent Skill Transfers

  • Bloody Glee (3★ Silky (Red Gacha), 3★ Kaiwan (Purple Gacha), 3★ Koumokuten (Purple Gacha), 3★ Feng Huang (Red Gacha))
  • Savage Glee (4★ Orochi (Teal Gacha), 4★ Sarasvati (Purple Gacha))
  • Good Aim (3★ Kresnik (Teal Gacha), 3★ Isis (Yellow Gacha))
  • Endure (Horkos)

Equipping Ose With Proper Brands

Thankfully, there are quite a few viable options for branding Ose.  Divine brands allow him to recover 4 MP per wave which will help him to get his Charge off right away.  His next turn will have to be a pass, and either Oni-Kagura or Hades Blast on his third turn.  

Finding a way to put Ose in pole-position on your team is important.  If you have him in the second spot in turn order, it’s still doable, but you’re going to need divine brands and a ton of passing.

Another option, and the one that I myself went with is War brands.  If you set your War brands properly on his left arm, right arm and legs, you can achieve great heights of physical damage.  Let’s assume you’re stuck with 4* war brands on those three slots, upgraded to level 12.  Let’s also assume you went with physical% in the first spot.  Each brand should have 15% physical damage increase, for a subtotal of 45%.  Add in the brand set effect and you now have 65% (after 1.5 update).  Ose doesn’t have the most strength of physical attackers, but if you brand him right, that won’t really matter.  

For his two-set bonus, you need to ask yourself what he will be doing for you.  Is he going to be a PvP Ose or a PvE Ose?  Do you want him to be faster than all the other Oses.  Ward brands win out in my calculations no matter where you plan to take your Ose.  Auto-barrier will protect you from status ailments from any of your attackers for three whole turns.  If you can’t finish a fight in three turns, you’re out of your depth.  Trumpeter in Brands of Sin is a good benchmark of your overall DPS.

If you want to have your Ose in the top slot of your rotation, either pick slower (less Agi) team members, or set up speed brands as your two-set bonus.  If that doesn’t work, then work at getting some of the “lead brands” released in global 1.50.  These will jump your Ose in the rotation by one spot.  If you’re dealing with obnoxiously fast teammates, this may help you get into the position you need.

The last viable option are shield brands.  A good Teal Ose needs two things for a proper living.  Physical attack power and magic defense.  Since he has no innate weaknesses, it’s important to give him some extra robustness against magical attackers.  Shield brands dole out a whopping 30% magic resist for a two-set bonus.  I recommend setting your two-set bonus items on your head and chest slots, as it’s easier to swap them out than other slots.  

Where Ose Fails

His AI sucks.  At one point I put samrecarm on my Ose (for my own manual use) but quickly realized that when putting my furry friend on auto, he almost never used it, even when three of his teammates were felled.  Remember Vile Abraxis on the 35th floor of Aura Gate?  He drains physical but is weak to everything else.  If my Ose had his way, he would keep giving Abraxis health until my phone bursts into flames.

From what I can gather on various forums, it seems that Ose will only prioritize his Mazionga if he thinks that’s his highest damage ability.  So, if you built a magic damage Ose, I’m not talking to you.  If, however, you’re like the rest of us and stacked up his physical prowess, you’ll be greatly annoyed when your Ose gets stuck in his Charge + attack rotation until the cows come home.

This is the singular reason why I don’t recommend keeping any Ose on your defense team in PvP.  Even with the defense boost they added in 1.50, you just can’t count on your Ose to do the smart thing.  He’s best kept for manual use or for auto-ing scenarios where enemies aren’t physically immune.  Use him in good health, or until you find your first Siegfried.

Demons That Ruin Ose’s Day

  • Anyone with high magic attack 
  • Another ose/sieg/abaddon 
  • Rangda (phys repel + high magic)
  • Teal Quetzcoatl (phys repel + high repel + whole team rez)

Demons That Ose Wrecks

  • Hathor in Aura Gate 50
  • Zhong Kui, Metatron and anyone else without innate physical resistance

Demons That Pair Well With Ose

  • Zhong Kui (auto taraka //phys boost)
  • Prometheus (auto makara // magic reflect)
  • Sandalphon (auto sukuka // ev/ac)

Final Scoring

Physical attacker: B+

Magical attacker: D+

Tank: A-

Gacha skills: F

Innate Skills: B+

PvP Attack Team Viability: A-

PvP Defense Team Viability: D-

Overall Score: B

Focusing Perspective To Gain Meaning In Life

Vibrant technicolor swatches dance endlessly in front of your vision while talking heads babble until there is no more to say. In this age of twenty-four hour television, Wikipedia and its random-page function. Unlimited music with only one click and more information available than could ever be written in physical books, it’s important to understand where our boundaries are.

Day after day, we are taking in hoards of talking points, ideas and abstractions without questioning. Our favorite TV shows peddle jokes laced with popular culture and political subtleties. Oftentimes it’s hard to filter out what’s actually important when we’re being bombarded constantly and continuously. Before the why, we must first explore the what.

What is Clouding My Perspective?

Take some time to write down everything you saw and heard for an entire week. Skimp not on the detail, my friend. Our brains are extraordinary organs in the way that our memories tend to form more strongly with events that give us emotional reactions. Even if you hate this article, you’ll remember it more clearly in your drunken rage than if you’re merely apathetic. Get mad, do it.

While you’re writing down every single sentence that was carelessly flung toward your unsuspecting ears, I dare say you’ll realize the enormity of the task rather quickly. I think, with a side-sauce of chagrin, upon my own experiences daily with sitting in the lounge area at my place of work. People talk constantly about anything and everything. Afraid of the silence and the existential bogeymen lurking within their own thoughts, these men with far too long ear-hair reminisce about the OJ verdict and the best way to toast bread until the clock on the wall itself jumps from lonely perch to hang itself with its own entrails. There’s a picture for you.

Why Should I Filter My Perspective?

For your health. For your happiness. For your sanity. Taking the time to discard whole chunks of what is presented to you in your everyday life is enormously helpful. It’s not as simple as merely trashing every viewpoint that runs counter to yours, as much as learning to process what is useful, productive and healthy instead.

Imagine yourself as someone who has never watched the news before. You’ve never seen how many shootings are happening in the city, how many kids are being abducted, how many schools are underfunded and how the local labour union is going on strike. Imagine you were wholly disconnected from those ideas. What about instagram and twitch? How many users are vying for your precious attention that have absolutely nothing of use for you. It’s staggering, really. This isn’t simply an “ignorance is bliss” as much as it is understanding that knowing how much crime exists does not help you in any palpable way.

Knowing that there are car thieves on the loose will not save you from having your car stolen. What are you going to do, sit in your firebird with a loaded revolver in case the punks dare to try you? Pffft.

The common fallacy I hear as to why it’s important to watch the news, read the newspaper and spend hours online trawling through random articles (like this) is that if they didn’t do this, they’d feel like they’re missing out on the something.

To be extremely blunt, that genocide situation going on two thousand miles/leagues/furlongs away from you has nothing to do with you. While you’re sitting there fretting with your conscience about something you’re realistically going to do nothing about, you could be thinking about the people in your life actually can affect. Your mother, your wife, a coworker. That panhandler you see at the supermarket every Sunday. Narrow your perspective and focus on the important things.

By filtering what you see, hear and ultimately feel, you gain a measure of control over your life. How you feel leads to how you will act in the future and thus defines who you become as a person. Regardless of your age, it’s beneficial to gain an awareness of what all you’re taking in on a daily basis.

How Can I Focus My Awareness?

Food isn’t the only intake you should be watching. What your eyes see and your ears receive is equally as important. Just as nearly every man or woman I’ve ever met feels they could gain or lose a few pounds, so too can your other sensory input be so maintained.

  • Step One: Identify which emotion you’d like to feel more or feel less.
  • Step Two: Record what you were doing directly before feeling your targeted emotion. Triggers.
  • Step Three: Cease your behavior or change your response to said trigger.
  • Step Four: Find out if you’re a better person or a scumbag now, then go back to step one.

By treating our information and sensory input as we would an extremely fatty pizza, we can begin to find an emotional balance in our perspective and life overall. This is most certainly not an entreaty to become an ostrich with head buried piteously. Nay, I encourage you to reach out and get to know the people you see every day. I encourage you to take note of how your television programmes are making you feel. Who and what are you surrounding yourself with? We are, after all, extremely sensitive creatures, so take care of what you consume, dear human.

How Escapism Creates Personality

From our first moments in life, we are born with instincts.  Crying, laughing, seeking comfort, being dazzled by the colorful objects around us.  We want to be held in our mother’s arms and shushed back to sleep.  In those moments, we want to escape being alone.  In many ways, there’s nothing quite so terrifying as being a child and waking up alone in the dark.  Just crawl into bed with your mama and papa, and everything will be alright.  

And yet, as we grow, we learn quickly that our parents can’t solve our every needs.  They draw the lines in the sand and we stand forlorn on the other side.  That’s when  you find an escape.  Maybe it’s a hobby, maybe it’s a television program.  Might be running like a turkey outside making all kinds of ungodly noises. 

There’s a palpable unease that begins in the quiet moments of life, when we’re forced to look inward and see ourselves.  It’s easier to escape, and it’s actually a good thing in every sense of the word.

What is an Escape?

Allow me to define: escaping is taking oneself out of the present moment and into something else.  It’s reaching out with one’s focus and attention to an idea that is not yourself.  Escaping can be altering your mindset with alcohol just as easily as it is getting engrossed in a good story.  Our bodies and minds long for an adventure that is often not present in life.  Life is actually quite dull most of the time.  Let’s say you’re sitting on the toilet.  It’s something everyone does, regardless of if you’re at work, home, or some strange swampy gas station.  You are defecating and there’s nothing interesting nor enlightening about that.  So what do you do?  You find some means of escape, even if that means grabbing a can of Lysol so you can best inform yourself on cleaning techniques.  Is this really what you want to be doing?  Did you lose your phone or something?  You’re escaping and if you take a look at what you’re doing, you’ll be able to find out something about yourself.

Why Must I Escape?

Life is scary sometimes, but mostly it’s just not that entertaining.  Long lost are the times when we are fighting sabretooth tigers for dinner and having sex at will.  Everything is so much more complicated now.  We have to earn a paycheck, which is some bastardized way of assigning your own worth in a currency.  We have to perform an elaborate song and dance ritual while presenting what we believe to be our best selves to win over potential mates.  We have to look up reverse mortgage fees to see if we’re being scammed.  Woo.

At work, how many times are you asked on Monday, “Joe, what’d you do on the weekend?” and how often did you have absolutely nothing to say.  The weekend is supposed to be an escape from work, but is it?  You’re left alone to your devices, which is inherently stressful.  Might be that you have a family now which means there are several figures who might as well be bosses in different outfits.  Everyone expects something from you now.  It’s so hard to be carefree.

What if you could change that?  What would your life look like if you dropped all of your inherited and bullshit responsibilities and just ran away?  Most people dream about it, it’s not just you.  The grass is so very green in Hawai’i or Las Vegas, maybe even Japan if that’s your thing.

The reality is that people are the same everywhere, just with different external rules to observe.  If you move to Paris, it’s just a different set of social cues to pick up on and unwritten faux paus to observe.  If you really want to escape, you’ll have to think deeper; differently.

Can Escapism Lead to Happiness?

Happiness is building something.  Happiness is creation and fulfillment.  Happiness is making a difference in your own little world.  Remember when you were young and you created that really cool building with Legos?  Then you destroyed it, right?  We experience countless beginnings and endings to things, but how often are they within our control?  Find some way of exerting your hands and your intellect to make a difference.  That begins with getting away from yourself.  Oft quoted is the phrase, “You’re your own worst enemy.”  Who else has the power to destroy your life? It’s not really your boss at work that’s ruining your waking hours, it’s you.  Stop it.  Get out of your head and focus.

Is it Possible to Escape Too Much?

Sure.  There are three contending realities in every human’s life. These personas are sleeping, public and private.

  • Sleep: This is the you that is pretending to be dead.  You combine all sorts of weird nonsensical remnant ideas together and create false narratives with them
  • Public: This is the you that steps outside the door.  You’ve got your own smile, clothing and a hairdo that tells everyone at a glance what you’re about.  It’s all bullshit and people will constantly misunderstand you
  • Private: This is the you that you can change and control.  Craft and mold it wisely.

If you go too far in any of these three directions, you’ll lose sight of the other two.  If your public persona dominates, you’ll find yourself like a ship lost at sea.  You won’t even remember what it means to have fun.  You’ll just be another dull, boring moron.

If you sleep too much, you’ll get lost in the dreams.  Depression is made of sleep.  

If you go too far into your private persona, you’ll forget what being fake and well-rested can do for you. Said every businessman ever.

How Do I Choose My Escape?

Close your eyes and forget everything in your life that you don’t want to do.  What sounds good right now?  Is it baking a cake and then eating the whole thing?  Escaping is about engaging in your desires.  It’s about making your fantasies more than just abstract ideas.  This is your life.  Get away from yourself and find something that makes you smile.  Empathize with another human, soothe a crying baby, eat a whole chocolate cake.  The only sin is passivity.

Religion and politics are great escapes, you know?  Why does it feel so reassuring to sit in the pews and pray?  You’re leaving yourself and joining the whole congregation in a collective thought bubble aimed at something external.  It feels so good.

When they’re reading your eulogy while you spin around in an urn or ride that casket, they’ll just be talking about your public persona, but you’ll know the truth.  While it’s just your sleep persona that won out in the end, you had some good times.  Keep a journal, it might inspire someone later.