Quetzalcoatl’s Viablity in SMT Liberation Dx2

Aztec flappy bird will serve you well.  Do you have the right type for the job, though? Welcome to this in-depth dissection of Quetzalcoatl and his usefulness in Dx2.

Grade 80 Dragon Quetzalcoatl

Vitality: Above average

Strength: Low

Agility: Above average

Luck: Above average

Magic: Medium high

How Do Quetzalcoatl’s Stats Compare?

Quetz is a magic caster, first of all.  He will cast at least two ma-dyne level spells and a full party resurrection.  It says he is grade 80, but that is only based on his stat budget.  Given his low strength and ample magic stat with only one weakness, he is vastly above even other higher grade magic casters like Barong and Ishtar in terms of party viability and survivability. 

Grab you some resist dark and your Quetz will not only have great magic resistance, but his base kit comes with physical resistance.  That’s unusual.  Even Huang Long and Metatron don’t have that.  

Innate Skills
FireMaragidyne7 MP120 DmgAll Foes
ForceMazandyne7 MP120 DmgAll Foes
RecoveryCe Acatls’ Return7 MPRevive with all HP, 1 useAll Allies

Quetz’s base kit is amazing.  Fire and force mean he has two strong elemental skills to cast.  It’s unusual to have both fire and force null/drain/repelled by your foes.  It does happen, however, which is why having a third element can be helpful.

Another thing to note is that our great white bird is mana intensive. He will not be able to cast anything turn one in PvP if you get the jump, but if you go second you’ll be able to cast any of the above without divine brands.  I personally don’t use divines on my Quetz, but if you’re running one for your defense team, you’ll want him to be ready to cast Ce Acatl’s Return as soon as necessary.

NOTE: Quetzalcoatl treats Ce Acatl’s Return as a Samrecarm type spell, not Recarmdra.  He will cast this when he satisfies the following conditions:

  1. He has the mana necessary AND
  2. One or more of his teammates are dead

Even so, oftentimes it is important to not wait to resurrect like a Rangda, Hell Biker, or other recarmdra folks might.

Archetype Skills
PassiveNull PoisonAutoImmune to PoisonSelfClear Archetype
LightMahamadyne7 MP120 DmgAll FoesRed Archetype
SupportConcentrate6 MPNext magical attack +125% damageSelfYellow Archetype
PassiveAuto-TarundaAutoStart battle with TarundaSelfPurple Archetype
PassiveRepel PhysAutoRepel Phys damageSelfTeal Archetype

Which Archetype Makes Quetzalcoatl More Useful?

Clear’s Null Poison is about the most useless skill ever implemented in any game ever.  Only make a clear Quetz if you’re looking to fuse higher.

Red’s Mahamadyne is great.  As I said earlier, there are circumstances where his Maragidyne and Mazandyne are null/drain/repelled by the defense and a third element is needed.  This is exactly when Mahamadyne is nice.  It’s also 1 MP cheaper, so think of it as a fully upgraded Mahamaon.  What’s more is that this is exceptionally useful in Sloth 10 and Aura Gate level 50.  If you don’t think those are are two integral parts of the game, then you’re clearly playing Fate: Grand Order.  Sloth is great for War, Life, Speed and Guard brands.  Lucifer needs to be punished and you need to give it to him.  Meow.

Yellow’s Concentrate is one of those spells that is hard to find under normal circumstances but also one that has been demystified a bit by Skill Genomes.  You can draw Concentrate from Skill Extraction, so there’s little reason to build your Quetz yellow.  I’ve also literally never encountered a yellow Quetz in PvP.  That’s not to say it has no use, as a concentrate-based Trumpeter, Tyrant Frost, Long, Quetz team is appealing to me for various reasons.  Will I ever make it?  No.

Purple’s Auto-Tarunda is the same as Feng-Huang’s innate skill.  It lowers the enemy’s attack by 20% for three turns which is absolutely great in PvP and Aura Gate if you’re stuck going second. As far as Aura Gate is concerned, Aragami’s Mahamadyne is more of a boon than Auto-Tarunda, however.  Extra press turns are better than lowering the enemy’s damage.  Quetz is fast enough that it’s easy enough to add him to a speed team to outflank AG enemies, too.

In PvP, purple Quetz has a solid niche.  He can reduce the enemy’s attack, which contributes to an effective stall defense, and it has one possible side effect.  Most players, including myself, expect a teal Quetz.  It’s entirely within the realm of possibility that a player won’t double-check your Purple’s archetype to confirm Teal.  This means they’ll gameplan for Repel Phys and not for your Auto-Tarunda.  Has this ever really ruined my day?  Also no.

You’ve been waiting for this.  Teal’s Repel Phys is amazing.  Not only does it make Quetz a one-for-one upgrade with Yellow Rangda, it makes it so you can game plan your brands around HP, Mag Atk% and Magic Def%.  Everything else is unnecessary.  You can beef up your Quetz with the best brands and also pair him with Alilat to conquer Hellbiker/Zaou teams.  Repel Physical is great.  Also, did you know that the AI doesn’t recognize awakened skills until they trip over them?  This means the multi-target phys attackers like Huang Di will punch themselves in the face before they realize Quetz’ true nature.  Will you actually win against a Huang Di?  That’s another story.

Gacha Worthiness

Gacha Skills
IceMabufudyne7 MP120 DmgAll FoesRed Gacha
PassiveBack AttackAutoDamage +10% when enemy weakness struckSelfProtect Gacha
PassiveNull MuteAutoImmune to MuteSelfPurple Gacha
Death/CurseMamudodyne7 MP120 DmgAll FoesTeal Gacha

Red’s Resist Mabufudyne gives you a FOURTH element to cast.  Don’t throw it away.  Mazandyne, Mahamadyne, Maragidyne, Mabufudyne, yeah!!

Yellow’s Back Attack is only useful in PvE and not nearly as useful as Aragami Mabufudyne.  Force is a common weakness in AG, so with Concentrate, you could be doing some big damage.  Potentially.

Purple’s Null Mute is useless for Quetz and replaceable.  Find something like endure or a secondary element to cast.  Maybe a debuff or something.

Finally, Teal’s Mamudodyne is nice-ish.  It’s not the best build of a Teal Quetz, as you’ll likely be building for HP and Mag Defense before Mag Atk.  It’s also not a commonly left open weakness, while there are quite a few demons who can counter it.  It’s okay to replace this with something better.  It’s also okay to leave it, if you want a third element to cast.

Skills to Transfer to Quetzalcoatl

Since Quetz has one weakness, he’ll usually only have room for one skill transfer.  Of all the Quetz’ I’ve encountered and owned myself, it’s my impression that only a few skills make concrete sense on him.

The first in Endure. Quetz is most often a PvP demon, and therefore should want to last that one extra hit.  I don’t run him this way, because if my Quetz is getting that low, it’s because the defense is running a high-powered sweeper team and I’m a goner anyway.  May as well use the other slot for something not quite so predictable.

If you’re building a Red Quetz for AG or Sloth, Light Boost is a great add-on.  Bigger booms mean his auto-AI is going to trend toward Mahamadyne.

If you’re building purple, you might even consider an extra Tarunda or even Samrecarm for a secondary rez.  You’ve already caught your enemy off-guard, may as well annoy them too.

Other Decent Skill Transfers

  • Enduring Soul (4* Attis)
  • Life Surge (Genome)
  • Mana Aid (Genome for Sloth10 Farm)

Equipping Quetzalcoatl With Proper Brands

You have to choose between two paths for the three-set bonus.  Are you a magic attacker or stall defense tactic?  If the first, then spell or divine brands.  If the second, life brands.  That’s all there is to that.

For a two-set, it also depends on what you plan to use him for.  PvP is commonly ward brands, but I prefer to run shield brands.  More mag def% at the expense of being vulnerable to status ailments  (make sure you have a cleanser ready).  For Sloth10 auto-farm, default is Ward brands.

Since he is a very reliable bird, it’s easy to outfit him with HP, Mag def%, and Mag atk%.  You don’t need evasion, phys def%, phys atk%, accuracy, speed or any other stats.  This helps with stacking the stats you DO need.

When Quetz Fails

There’s really only one situation that I’ve run into that he fails hard.  If you pair your Quetz with a frail thing like a non-life-branded Ishtar, Jeanne, and even most Zhong Kuis, you’ll find that your Quetz blows his rez in the first moments of the battle, completely ruining the overall potential of the spell itself.  What you want is for your Ce Acatl’s Return to rez not only the most teammates possible, but for its targets to be high HP.  Better stall potential.

Other than that, he’s pretty damn versatile and useful. 

Demons That Ruin Quetz’ Day

  • Huang Di (doesn’t he always?) if you don’t bring Alilat
  • Strong magic single-target attackers like Susanoo and Surt.  You don’t want them to drop your bird too quickly

Demons That Quetz Wrecks

  • Low DPS teams that can’t burn his HP
  • Everyone else too

Demons That Pair Well With Quetz

  • Yellow Rangda (recarmdra is a nice secondary to Ce Acatl)
  • Alilat (repel pierce)
  • High HP teammates that enjoy being resurrected. Basically anyone built correctly

Final Scoring

See a trend? 

Physical attacker: F

Magical attacker: B

Tank: A

Gacha skills: B

Innate Skills: A-

PvP Attack Team Viability: B

PvP Defense Team Viability: A

Overall Score: A-

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