Why ‘WoW Classic’ Did Not Capture Me

Alright, so World of Warcraft has been around for fifteen years at this point with their Classic iteration launching earlier this year. My own experience with the vanilla WoW began in the year of 2006, so naturally I had to try it. Here’s how that went.

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Bioware’s Open Environments Have Failed (Pt.3 Andromeda)

Ah…Andromeda.  The galaxy with no Shepards, no Wrex, no Liara, and certainly no Garrus.  It’s a whole new world full of infinite possibilities, and yet not.  Some six hundred years after the end of Mass Effect 3, we have the Ryder clan aboard a capital ship named The Ark (so original) being suddenly awakened by a mysterious thing named The Scourge.  I know, it sounds like a made-for-TV SyFy movie.

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Bioware’s Open Environments Have Failed (Pt.2 ME2/ME3)

As we read in my first installment, Mass Effect used linear pathways, deep conversations and codex entries to build a world that did not need vast open environments to succeed.

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Bioware’s Open Environments Have Failed (Pt.1)

Bioware is one of those game companies that I’ve tried to write about in the past, but have never been able to fully capture either the brilliance or the short-sightedness I believe have been the hallmarks of this video gaming company for years.  In this nine-part series, hopefully I’ll be able to do justice the behemoth that we’ve come to love/hate. Articles 01-03 will focus mostly on Mass Effect, Articles 04-06 on Dragon Age, and lastly Articles 07-09 will round things out with the KotOR franchise.  Enjoy.

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Prometheus’ Viability in SMT Liberation Dx2

I would really let ol’ Prommy play the part of mall Santa, but I don’t think he has anything on under his red bathrobe.  Except those fly kicks.  Respect.

Grade 67 Deity Prometheus

Vitality: Below average

Strength: Average

Agility: Low

Luck: Above average

Magic: High

How Do Prometheus’ Stats Compare?

Prommy is a caster.  Don’t ever forget it.  His higher than usual luck will help his auto attacks to crit on his non-casting turn.  His physical attack isn’t horrible either.  Mine does between 100-125 on his auto-attack off-magic turn.

As for his resistances, getting resist ice is about as costly as resist dark.  You’ll have to fuse yourself an Odin which requires fusing two medium level four-star demons to accomplish.  I doubt you’ll be fusing down one of your five star demons just to make an Odin to cover Prometheus’ blind spot.  I did, though.  Worth it?  That’s up to you.  Prometheus is one of those demons that if you put the effort in, you’ll be greatly rewarded.

Innate Skills
PassiveFire BoostAutoFire damage +15%Self
PassiveMakaraka ShiftAutoBegin battle with Makarakarn when ambushedSelf
FireAgidyne6 MP160 DmgOne Foe

Prometheus is one of those demons where his skills all work together perfectly.  He’s slow, so he works well with slow teams.  He’ll pop a magic repel shield at the start of battle.  Makaraka shift is not as good as Huang Long’s Five Elements in that Almighty skills can still pierce Prommy’s shield.  I’m looking at you Megido and Pralaya.

Well folks, Agidyne is a hard hitting single-target spell in the first place.  You add fire boost and an arse load of %mag brands coupled with Prom’s huge bon…..magic stat, you have yourself an effective nuker.  

Archetype Skills
PassiveVitality Amp IIIAutoVitality +15SelfClear
FireMaragidyne7 MP120 DmgAll FoesRed
RecoveryRecarmdra8 MPRevive with all HP, User diesAll AlliesYellow
PassiveInfinite ChakraAutoMP recovery per turn +1SelfPurple
PassiveDrain FireAutoDrain Fire damageSelfTeal

Which Archetype Makes Prometheus Burn?

Clear’s Vitality Amp III is silly.  You aren’t making a gucci grandpa to survive.  Even if you were, get you some life brands, not +15 VIT.

Red’s Maragidyne is a great skill to have around.  You turn from single-target nuker to boni-fide sweeper material.  One less mana for Maragidyne is always welcome.  He’s still a one-element man, however, and Fire is one that is often nulled.  Be on the lookout for other Proms, Surt, Shiva, Zaou-Gongen and of course Feng Huang.  Other lesser used demons like Yata, Asherah and Thor have Null Fire as well.  In higher level PvP, it isn’t uncommon to meet at least one fire resistant bugger in a match. Red Prom is of better use in AG and Brands of Sin.

Yellow’s Recarmdra is for when you’re gearing Prometheus for your defense team.  Always pair with Endure.  Your bearded mage dies quickly, so let that 1HP be of use to you.  I run a double Recarmdra team, where Prometheus Recarmdras after Rangda has expended hers.  He is not recommended as being the only Recarmdra user on a defense team due to low HP and no physical resistance.

Purple’s Infinite Chakra gives you another 1mp per turn, bringing your natural total per turn to 4mp.  Give yourself some divine brands and you have 5mp/turn.  Not enough for an Agidyne per turn, but do remember you start out with 3 base mana if going second in PvP.  3+5 = 8, which will allows for an Agidyne with two mana remaining.  Next turn you’ll be at 7 before casting.  Agidyne.  Next turn 6.  You can shoot off three Agidynes before having to rest.  If you’re looking for consistent DPS, Purple is for you.  You’ll just have to keep your Prom alive for three turns to take full effect of Infinite Chakra, however.

Finally, Teal’s Drain Fire is really redundant.  Isn’t nulling something good enough?  Nooo…you have to take the health for yourself?  Well let me tell you, if your opponent is dumb enough to hit Prometheus with a fire spell, even multi-target, he’s clearly not as smart as you.  Draining his attack will make so very little a difference in your life and his. Forget Teal and move on.

Gacha Worthiness

Gacha Skills
PassiveResist ElecAutoResist Elec damageSelfRed Gacha
ForceMazanma6 MP100 DmgAll FoesYellow Gacha
PassiveMadnessAutoAilment success rate +10%SelfPurple Gacha
PassiveResist PoisonAutoPoison resistance +50%SelfTeal Gacha

Red’s Resist Elec is amusing.  You’re going to overwrite it or create a cheaper Throne is find your Resist Elec.

Yellow’s Mazanma is actually quite nice.  Having a second element for Prom to play with is helpful in many cases.  It’s lower mana than say, Rangda’s Mazandyne, so you can cast Mazanma as often as you can cast Agidyne.  In the end-game of yellow Prometheus, you’ll want Endure and Ice Resist.  That’s just how it goes.  Use your Mazanma when Null Fire opponents appear or until you can afford a throwaway Odin.

Purple’s Madness doesn’t help Prometheus and isn’t anything that your Sick brands or %ail inflict non-sick brands can’t duplicate.  Look elsewhere.

Finally, Teal’s Resist Poison is laughable.  Who’s worried about poison?  Really?  Email me right now if that’s something you’re worried about. nightfallorion@gmail.com  🙂

Skills to Transfer to Prometheus

For most specs, you don’t really need Ice Resist.  Only your Recarmdra/endure really needs Ice Resist to cover all his bases.  There are more ice users now that Bufula L is a handy transfer to most casters.

If you have a yellow archetype, I heartily recommend Endure. It’s like a warning bell when you see that 1 HP and means you should get your ass building MP for Recarmdra.

For red Prom, I recommend throwing yourself a Megido mixed with a Concentrate for funsies.  Blow ’em up.

As for Purple, you’ll want something non-fire with six or seven MP cost. Mamudoon from Succubus is a good choice. Bufula L is nice too, even though single target.  It’ll make non-ice-resisted Prometheus’ shudder.

Other Decent Skill Transfers

  • Mamudoon (4* Succubus)
  • Concentrate (5* Trumpeter)
  • Megido (3* Arahabaki)
  • Endure (3* Horkos)

Equipping Prometheus With Proper Brands

You need to figure out where and when and what archetype you want to use Prometheus.  That will decide your brand types.

Yellow gets Life Brands to stay alive until Recarmdra.  Guard brands help to offset his god-awful physical resistance.  I use this setup myself.  It takes two ZK hits to pop Prom’s endure.  A geared ZK too.  That’s all you can really hope for, to be honest.  This is your defense team Prometheus.

Red gets Spell brands to dish out maximum one-round carnage. Maximise your %mag attack on left arm, right arm and leg slots.  Settle for at least 5% spell % on your head and chest.  You can use your other stats as you see fit.  HP.  Phys Defense.  A good two-set is ward if you’re worried about your Prometheus being charmed.  I recommend running a Kinmamon group to allow you total freedom with your two-set branding.  Red is useful as a PvP offense sweeper and AG/Chaos Signal PvE sweeper.

Purple gets Divine brands.  Let the MP flow! Cast everything!

Why are you running Teal or Clear?  Honestly.

Where Prometheus Fails

Health and low physical resist.  Dies so easy.  Tsukuyomi makes you transfer phys resist, so he has a leg up as a pure caster.  Prometheus is essentially an Alice sort, except a grandfather titan with a burning heart.  He can’t take a hit, so make sure you make the most of his talents while he yet lives.

If you’re building a Prometheus for your defense, do make sure you’re running a very slow team.  Sub 10000 is preferable.  Prometheus is fine with Makaraka-shift, but that’s one of his biggest perks.  Don’t lose out on that.  My team is 12275 and is slower than 80% of teams I face.  The closer you get down to 10000, the better.

Demons That Ruin Prometheus’s Day

  • Zhong fucking Kui.  Without life brands, you will be one-shotted.
  • Any physical attacker.
  • Aforementioned demons with Null/Repel Fire.
  • Prometheus (if you’re red archetype)

Demons That Prometheus Wrecks

  • Ose, Alilat, Siegfried and anyone without fire resistance.
  • Physical opponents without much magic resist.

Demons That Pair Well With Prometheus

  • Slow demons.  Don’t put Prometheus on your Jack Bros sweeper team.
  • Other Recarmdra/endure demons for defense.

Final Scoring

Physical attacker: D

Magical attacker: A

Tank: F

Gacha skills: C

Innate Skills: B+

PvP Attack Team Viability: B

PvP Defense Team Viability: B

Overall Score: B