What Physical Video Games To Collect In 2020

Previously we’ve covered why it’s a good time to collect physical games, as well as how to go about doing that. Now, for the potatoes to our proverbial meat. Which types of games are relatively cheap now and will only get more expensive, as well which games a higher now and will go down in the future.

Atari 2600
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Mass Effect: Andromeda: O.O.Review

The year was two thousand and seven.  A fledgling company named Bioware had just launched a new franchise named Mass Effect.  Oh, who am I kidding?  Bioware was already an RPG powerhouse long before that.  I’d played Balder’s Gate and loved it, so I was moved to purchase this purportedly ambitious space opera.  Fast forward to a decade later and I’ve played the Mass Effect trilogy a dozen times all the way through.  I’ve seen every quest, every romance, and truly everything of the galaxy as told by the great Shepard.  Continue reading Mass Effect: Andromeda: O.O.Review